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Tryna be Self(ish) =Back to Being a Bad Bitch

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IS THIS YOU: " eeeeee!!!!!!! I FINALLY (OFFICIALLY) Left my narcissist!!" "...I did my red hair phase, I moved 3 times, I changed my number, GIIIIRRRL; I even switched jobs...I tried everything trying to "fix me." Trying to "make me better or good enough.." ... I got mental health meds, and I got a therapist: But I found that it was NEVER ME.... It was HIM. If that resonates for you: You're in the right place friend!!! Because that was me PLUS SOME!!! And now? I am a couple years into a BEAUTIFUL marriage to the literal man of my dreams and my GAWD he's so FWWWINE! Let me walk with you as you UNFUCK yourself, and get back to being your BADDEST self. By the time we are done, -you will NOT be finding yourself staring at things thinking about fuckface *siiiighing* -you will wake up FEELING FLY AF -you will fall asleep easier, NOT consumed with someone other that YOU -you will be back to normal eating -you will find more of yourself than you ever have! -you will "make sense" of him and it -you will understand the toxic trick of "closure" AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Welcome to the rest of your BEST LIFE BABY!

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